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    DiscoverOur Story

    Kinza, a Georgian restaurant in the historic center of Barcelona. Every evening, guests will enjoy live music from different artists in different genres. And do not forget about karaoke! The author’s Georgian cuisine from Georgian cooks will remind you about the unforgettable taste of Georgia, which everyone loves so much.

    Products of Kinza always fresh, we refuse to use, palm oil and other harmful ingredients. We make the dough and the Geargian cheese ourselves. In Kinza, you can taste Real Georgian wine.


    Monday - Wednesday  18:00-01:00
    Thursday  18:00-01:00
    Friday  18:00-03:00
    Saturday  14:00-03:00
    Sunday  14:00-01:00

    Meetour chef!

    a few words about our master
    This is Zurab, he was born and raised in Georgia in a family of cooks, his grandfather, was saying, that a man should be able to cook. He liked to cook since childhood.

    Zurab worked in many Georgian restaurants and cafes. During a political complication in Georgia, he was offered to move to work in a Georgian restaurant in Moscow.

    There he lived for several years, worked in various fashionable restaurants in Moscow. It wasn’t easy to lure him to Barcelona, because he is one of the best!! come to Kinza and taste his creations!


    our new team member
    Nana is from Georgia, and like other Georgian girls, she learned cooking in childhood, by looking at her mother and grandmother. By profession Nana is not a cook, but her real calling found her soon. She started working in kitchen when she was at a very young age with a famous Georgian chef, who is not less famous in Europe, she learned most of things from him. Little by little she became a real professional and a very important person in cooking business. After working in few Georgian restaurants Nana went to Turkey, there she started working on European cuisine, learned patisserie but Georgian cuisine was always on the first place for her.
    We are lucky to have such a good professional in our restaurant, she always surprises us with her art of cooking, with her skills and her passion to cooking.



    Carrer dels Banys Vells, 15,
    08003 Barcelona
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    +34 931 06 04 66